There are many different approaches that you will probably be in a position to have fun every time you’ve got spare time. Amongst the top approaches that you will probably be in a position to have a great time is that you’ll be in a position to locate all of the different issues that you […]

As 2013 is now more clearly into view, you might have started to think about your goals for the year. One of my annual goals is to read certain books, and I would strongly recommend you make this part of your ‘things to do’ in 2013. The following are some of the titles I have […]

As a child, I recall hearing a story about the sun and the wind. Like all the best stories, it was simple and full of vivid imagery; it appealed to a child because of the characters and the amusing story, but it contains a powerful message. The story goes something like this: The sun and […]

Bodybuilders use lots of supplements. This does not mean that they use steroids, although some do, and this is not recommended — but they do use supplements to their diets to aid in the bodybuilding process. In fact, these supplements are vital to the bodybuilding process. The list of potential vitamins seems never ending, and […]

Do you need to take a screen shot on a machine that does not have any fancy screen capture utilities installed? No Gimp and not even ImageMagick installed? Well, every X11 installation on Unix platform comes with a handy xwd utility that can take care of screen or window capture just as easy. For instance […]

If you’ve been around the Unix discussion groups, most likely you have run into countless arguments on the merits of Solaris vs Linux and which one is better for a particular task or which one is technically superior. The scenario is quite typical where Solaris proponents claim superiority on the technical grounds while referring to […]

So, you wanna get into body building? There are many ways to get started, but the first mistake that many people make is running to the closest gym, joining up, and start working out. There is much more to muscle building than this, and it is crucial that you understand everything that bodybuilding entails before […]

If you plan to get the weight off and get ripped at the same time, it’s time for some hard facts: losing weight while building muscles is not easy. Some people believe it is impossible. Why? In order to gain muscle, you must increase the number of calories that you consume. But in order to […]

New bodybuilders often look for fast ways to build muscles – and find that those shortcuts that they pursued only harmed them in the long run. When it comes to building muscle, there are certain things that you can do to speed up this process, but it is important not to take the wrong shortcuts. […]

All stem cells, embryonic, adult, or umbilical derived, can proliferate in culture and differentiate into many kinds of cells. Differentiation of the stem cells can occur spontaneously or through directed differentiation. Culture conditions prevent spontaneous differentiation. Cells are grown on a layer of feeder cells that secrete substances into the culture media that nourish the […]